Your DIY Supply Cheat List

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or get lost in the multitude of options when it comes to making DIY products for your home.

What do I need to buy? What can I repurpose? Is there a simpler option? Can this be done in a less expensive way? Will this container hold up for what I’m making?

Well fear not! We’ve compiled a short list of supplies that almost every DIY kit needs to be great. It’s easy to follow and you’ll have everything on hand that you need when you decide to try out some of our other great blog ideas.

soap supplies

1 Quart Spray Bottles

Squirt Bottles

Mason Jars or Jars with lids that can have holes placed into them

Essential Oils (Your choice)

Cloth Materials (Old shirts, Microfiber Cloths, Old towels)


Baking Soda

Hand Soap Pump Bottle

Foaming Soap Pump Bottles

Baby Wipe Container

Tupperware of various sizes with lids


Distilled Water

Cotton Rounds

Measuring Cups/Spoons

Food Processor and/or Cheese Grater


Washing Soda or Borax


Scrub Brush

Dr. Natural Liquid Castile Soap

Dr. Natural Bar Soap

While most recipes can be created with baby mild liquid castile soap and the addition of essential oils don’t forget that we’ve got other scents available that could eliminate the need for additional essential oils! While this list can’t cover everything that may come up it is most definitely a starting point to get your DIY closest underway.