Simple DIY Cleaning Wipes

Have you ever wondered how to make your very own cleaning wipes? Whether you like the idea of reusable wipes or if you’d rather have one time use wipes, this new recipe is just the ticket.

For reusable wipes simply cut an old t-shirt into wipe sized squares. For disposable wipes you can use a roll of paper towels. You’ll also need a container to store your homemade wipes.


1 ½ Cups distilled, filtered or boiled water cooled

1 Tablespoon Dr. Natural Liquid Castile Soap

¼ Teaspoon or 20 drops tea tree essential oil

Place your wipes into the container for the solution over them and let’s look for 20 minutes. These wipes have a shelf life of one to 2 weeks so make as many as you will use in that time.

This recipe calls for Dr. Natural Baby Mild Liquid Castile Soap feel free to substitute any of our other scents if you prefer. Tea tree essential oil can also be substituted for any other cleaning oil.