Castile Liquid Foaming Hand Soap Made Easy

This recipe is so simple that even the kids can help! Make sure you first purchase or repurpose a foaming hand soap dispenser. You can purchase one online or you can simply reuse any of the bottles that are used for foaming hand soap bought at your local stores.

Here is what you’ll need:

1 foaming hand soap dispenser

12 ounces of water (if planning on keeping longer than a few weeks, use distilled for boiled water)

2 tablespoons of Dr. Natural Liquid Castile Soap Baby Mild

½ teaspoon of liquid moisturizing oil like Olive or Almond

Essential Oil of your choice for scent purposes

Soapy hands

Easy step by step:

Fill dispenser to about 1 inch below the top of dispenser

Add liquid castile soap

Add moisturizing oil

Close dispenser and shake to mix

If you’d like to add scent to your hand soap but don’t have the essential oils just use another soap offered by Dr. Natural like peppermint, lavender, almond and eucalyptus!