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Make Your Own Natural Soap With This DIY Recipe

21 Apr 2024
Make Your Own Natural Soap With This DIY Recipe

National DIY Day is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and try your hand at a new project! If you're looking for a fun and practical DIY idea, why not make your natural soap at home?  

National DIY Day celebrates the spirit of creativity and resourcefulness. It's a day dedicated to making things by hand and learning new skills. Making your natural soap is a perfect DIY project for this occasion, and it will prove to be a fun and fulfilling experience. Not only is this a creative endeavour, but it also allows you to manage the ingredients and customize the soap to suit your preferences.

There is only one key ingredient you need to make perfect natural hand soap- Dr. Natural's Pure Castile Soap.

The formula is gentle, versatile, plant-based, and features essential oils, Dr. Natural Castile Soap is free from harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients, and artificial scents making it ideal for sensitive skin  The liquid Castile soap is also bio-based and extremely effective, it can be used for a variety of purposes, from washing your pets to cleaning countertops. The natural ingredients make it a popular choice for DIY projects, including homemade soap, cleaners, and beauty products. With its soft touch and moisturizing properties, Dr. Natural’s Castile soap is the perfect ingredient for your DIY Hand Soap.

Get your DIY Day project started with this simple recipe:

What you need:

- 1 Dr. Natural liquid Castile soap (Pick a fragrance of your choice)

- 12 ounces of distilled water

- 1 teaspoon of moisturising liquid oil (optional, for added moisturization)

- 1 foaming hand soap dispenser (You can also be environmentally friendly and reuse a Dr. Natural’s Bottle) 

Step-by-step Instructions:

Using a mixing bowl, combine the liquid Castile soap and the distilled water. You can also do this in the dispenser itself, just remember to leave an inch of space from the top of the dispenser while filling.

  1. Add the essential oils of your choice and stir well to combine.
  2. Pour the mixture into the hand soap dispenser 
  3. Shake gently before each use.

All done! Your personalized DIY hand soap is ready to use. 

Get cleaner, softer hands with every use of your DIY project thanks to Dr. Natural’s Castile Soap. Shop your favourite natural bath and body products now!
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