Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid


Looking good goes in tandem with feeling good, it is an art, it is a business and in fact a way of life! We all want to look beautiful and perfect, it is a natural confidence booster and mood lifter, sometimes all we need to hear for our day to be made is the “wow you are glowing” comments and as a matter of fact, we are willing to do anything to keep up with the glow. I should say that many factors may affect our skin tones ranging from water to food to stress, buying cosmetics however to help them is where we need to be super careful.

Maintaining a clear and beautiful skin is trending, we are in the 21st century and at this stage, we all will agree that no one wants a dry, scaly, chuffed skin. Really, all we want is to look like kings and queens, as much as there are good products out there; there are even more bad ones. Some of the manufacturers of these products do not even know that they do contain harmful ingredients that can cause damages sometimes irreparable to our skins. The use of these ingredients increases on a daily basis reason being (maybe arguable) that activities in the cosmetic industry is highly unchecked.

Every passing day, nursing an even skin tone is becoming more and more important so to keep your glow dear friends and to maintain that lovely skin you probably drank gallons of water to get, you should be and stay informed. When you do know things that you are supposed to avoid, it makes it easier to streamline your choices when making purchases for your skin care products. To aid you in making good skincare choices, I will make a list of toxic beauty ingredients you should avoid.

The first on my list is Parabens; this can be found in a wide range of products, from your skincare products to makeup. It is commonly used as a preservative and has been found to cause cancer. Sadly, this beauty ingredient is widely used and people innocently purchase products containing this ingredient mostly because they are cheap and easily accessible. Are you shopping for your skin care product and you happen on this ingredient, my simple advice; run!

Phthalates: used in a wide array of beauty products, this ingredient is used in increasing the flexibility of plastics and sadly it can be used in lotions, perfumes, body spray, nail polishes and other kinds of products. The prolonged use of products containing this toxic ingredient has been found to cause cancer, kidney, lung and damages to the liver.

Mercury: every single thing is wrong with this beauty ingredient and sadly people do not know or fail to pay cognizance to its effect. In the bid to clear acne, clear spots, lighten the skin, people end up buying products that contain a high concentration of mercury.  It has been discovered that the prolonged use of this allergen impairs brain development. Guess what? This ingredient is used in some eye drops, mascara, some foundations, lip gloss and even some lip sticks! It is needless to tell you what to do when you do see this as an ingredient in a beauty product.

Talc: this is a popular and seemingly harmless beauty ingredient but in actual fact, research has exposed that the continuous use of this ingredient has been linked to respiratory problems and ovarian cancer. This ingredient is commonly found in brown powder, baby powder, blush and eye shadows.

Triclosan: this ingredient is commonly found in a large number of antibacterial products, it also has been found to be a core ingredient in some hand sanitizers, and deodorants. The continuous use of products that are based largely on this ingredient can cause a disruption in the endocrine and it could also cause cancer.   

Lead: this is perhaps the most popularly known beauty ingredients. Very recently, research showed that a large number of lipsticks in circulation contained lead. Popular beauty products were tested and all were found to contain 100% lead. Well, since it is mostly found in lipsticks, the only way to avoid the dangerous adverse effects of the continuous use of these products is to avoid swallowing the lipstick (you have to stay away from food or even water then yeah, everything would be fine).

These list would be incomplete without the mention of mineral oil. This is a petroleum by-product mostly used in Vaseline, baby oil, moisturizers and in some styling gels. It is always very useful where you have a dry skin. As useful as the products made with this ingredient may be, it has been discovered that the continuous use of the products with mineral oil creates a film that could impair the skin’s ability to release toxins as at when it is supposed to.

Amidst tons of other toxic ingredients, Toluenes, Triclosan, oxybenzone are also some other popular harmful toxic stuff in your skin care products you need to avoid. Please check the ingredients before you make a purchase. Looking for harmless products? Why not go Dr. Natural?

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