Shea Butter – An Essential Ingredient for Healthy Skin


There is absolutely no need to rehash how important it is to have a healthy skin. I must confess that recently, it has almost become super necessary to have fresh, supple and healthy skin. In the face of all the beautiful natural skin care products being discovered coupled with the fact that they are inexpensive and easy to access, not getting and enjoying the use of these entirely essential commodities almost make it a punishable offence should you not have a healthy skin.

Amongst all of the numerous natural products being discovered to be useful to the care of the skin, there is the all important Shea butter. Though people may think it is the rave of the moment, it is quite informative to note that for a very long time, Shea butter has been in existence. Though its use in past times cannot be said to be as popular as it is now, what is commendable is the fact that people have become sensitized about natural skin care products and are now going all out for it.

Soft to the touch, Shea butter is a mildly solid off white oil extracted from the African Shea tree. Over time before its global recognition, Africans have been enjoying the use of this sweet blessing of nature. Majorly, it was as is still being used for cosmetic purposes (skin softening and smoothening), hair growth, cooking and perhaps the most important feature of all disease and wound healing (this is due to the high concentration of Oleic acid contained in the oil).

Benefits of Shea Butter

Certainly, the benefits of Shea butter are numerous. As seen above, it has quite a number of functions owing to the numerous vital nutrients contained in it. Shea butter contains essential nutrients such as vitamins A, E and F, plant sterols like oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid; and importantly, it helps the skin produce collagen. It protects the skin from UV (SPF-6).

Speaking of healthy skins, there are countless benefits associated with using Shea butter. Ever wondered how that glowing neighbour of yours got his/her beautiful skin? You may just find out it is from the use of this natural skincare product! Shea butter improves the texture of the skin generally, it helps to allay acne, dermatitis, eczema, reduces eye bags, removes blemishes, wrinkles, heals minor injuries, you name it!

Here are some other amazing benefits of Shea butter we must not fail to mention:

Moisturizer: It would be quite offensive to the amazing natural Shea butter if we fail to mention another beautiful wonder it works on the skin; moisturizing. Shea butter is an excellent skin moisturizer; it helps reduce to gargantuan extents skin dryness. This is because of its gentleness on the skin; it has the ability to penetrate easily on any skin type without clogging the pores. The essential acids we highlighted above also helps to protect and retain the natural skin oil.

In a matter of days, people who have tried this valuable skincare product usually see visible improvements. Do you have a dry skin? Or you constantly battle with chapped, dry or scaly lips? Have you got cracked heels that prevent you from wearing your favourite shoes or slippers? Do you want a skin friendly product good for any kind of season be it winter or summer? Without further ado, Shea butter is definitely your best bet.

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant and Antimicrobial: Owing to the Cinnamic acid content found in Shea butter (lupeol cinnamte), it helps reduce skin inflammation. It contains antimicrobial properties which can cure many skin diseases. The plant anti-oxidants, vitamins A and E, and catechins contained in Shea butter also protect the skin from damage. With all these significant nutrients, Shea butter will cure insect bites, frostbites, acnes, and many more.

Stretch marks and cellulite: Over the past years, people have become increasingly aware of their bodies. For mothers who wish to go back to their delectable bodies post childbirth and have battled with stretch marks for some time, the use of Shea butter maintains skin elasticity by nourishing the dermal layer of the skin, which also enhances collagen production. This certainly would help them get their soft and stretch mark free skin in no time.

Without bombarding you with too much graciousness from this product, here are some frequently asked questions about Shea butter which we would do our best to answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just use any Shea butter I lay my hands on?

Oh no! No boo, don’t. As much as you want to look good and maintain a pure and healthy skin, there are different kinds of Shea butter being sold. Only purely pressed organic Shea butter retain all its nutrients. So when you see pure/organic/unrefined/unbleached – Grade A, that’s for you. The other kinds are processed and have lost some nutrients which is totally opposed to what we seek to achieve for your beautiful skin.

Who can use Shea butter?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from this amazing goodness, even babies! Especially babies in fact. A baby’s skin is so delicate and soft and may react to any kinds of cream but using the organic unrefined Shea butter really works wonders to a baby’s skin. It is awesome for the purpose of clearing diaper rash. Are you thinking your man’s beards are not full enough? Gift him Shea butter!

Have a nice time enjoying your new fresh skin.

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