Mission Statement

What we put on our body matters; it’s an investment in your life, your happiness, and your health. Quality natural products shouldn’t have to break the bank. Dr. Natural’s specialty soaps and lotions are designed to bring natural skincare to our customers at a price point that people can afford. Affordable, natural, and exceptional; our products are environmentally conscious, community-focused and wallet-friendly.

Dr. Natural – for your skin, for your health, for your life.

The story of Dr. Natural all began with a product and a dream; to make high-quality natural soaps affordable for everyone.

When Gary Taneja, a marketing executive and entrepreneur with a strong passion for developing natural products, took the reins of Dr. Natural Soaps; he immediately fell in love with the company, not just because of its potential for success, but because the products fell deeply in line with his long-standing belief in the importance of health, service, and community participation.

And now, Dr. Natural is proud to announce that we have increased the scope of our community engagement by partnering with the Central Vocational Rehabilitation Center (CVR) to bring job opportunities to special needs workers.

Today, Gary has taken what was once only an idea and transformed into one of the leading producers of Castile soaps in the United States. Since its beginnings, Dr. Natural’s line of products has expanded to include not only liquid soaps, but bar soaps, lotions, and coming soon – deodorants. As we dedicate ourselves to continually innovating and revolutionizing the soap industry, Dr. Natural commits itself to a simple yet powerful goal; to bring more natural products to more customers, all at an affordable price.

At Dr. Natural, we don’t believe that natural products should be considered a luxury; we believe they are a necessity. That’s why we fight every day to ensure our prices remain at a place that people can afford.

But first and foremost, we work tirelessly to live up to our name – Dr. Natural.  Our ingredients are natural and our company has committed itself to a no cruelty policy; ensuring that absolutely no animal testing will be ever be utilized to develop any of Dr. Natural’s line of products.

Dr. Natural – community-focused, environmentally conscious, and wallet-friendly