Make Your Windows Shine with Dr. Natural!

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Everyone hates streaky, dirty windows and glass surfaces in our homes. Whether it’s little finger prints or puppy nose touches all the glass surfaces in our homes seem to be a showcase for grime.

Homemade Dishwasher Soap

We all know that a great dish soap can be made from Dr. Natural Liquid Castile Soap. Check out our previous blog articles for all our super simple recipes for this. But what about for the people who have a dishwasher? You can use your normal everyday soap without bubbles, bubbles, and even more bubbles!

Let’s Not Forget About The Men!

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Most people when they think of a DIYer they immediately think female. Well, let’s not forget about all the men that love to save some dough also! This recipe is made to be simple, quick, practical and even scentless if you prefer.

Pamper Your Feet The Dr. Natural Way

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Who doesn’t enjoy a pedicure? Getting to rest and relax while having a soothing foot soak is a great pleasure that should be a key part of every beauty routine. But what do you do if you can’t catch a break in your busy life style to find the time for a pedicure? Well we’ve got a solution for you.

Save the Brush with Dr. Natural!

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We have all felt the annoyance of grabbing a dirty makeup brush and realizing that our To-Do list of cleaning out our makeup brushes has fallen to the wayside. Don’t go rushing out to buy some expensive brush cleaner. You don’t need any special tools or even very much time.

Dr. Natural Lotions!

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Dish Soap 3 Ways!

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One of the simplest ways to use Castile Soap is as a dish wash. It’s a great cleaner and will leave your dishes nice and clean. There are many variations and way in which people make their own dish soap.

These 3 are just our go to so if you add essential oils here or there or you find that a more foaming recipe is what you’re looking for then by all means take some time and experiment! You never know what you’ll stumble across.

Your DIY Supply Cheat List

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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or get lost in the multitude of options when it comes to making DIY products for your home.

What do I need to buy? What can I repurpose? Is there a simpler option? Can this be done in a less expensive way? Will this container hold up for what I’m making?

Simple DIY Cleaning Wipes

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Have you ever wondered how to make your very own cleaning wipes? Whether you like the idea of reusable wipes or if you’d rather have one time use wipes, this new recipe is just the ticket.

All Purpose Soft Scrub Recipe!

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All Purpose Soft Scrub Recipe!

This great DIY trick is a must have in arsenal of cleaning supplies. Soft scrub can be used on soap scum rings, mold, rings around your tub and even water spots on glass. Add some shine to your kitchen sink and take pride in your money saving technique while you’re at it!

Castile Liquid Foaming Hand Soap Made Easy

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This recipe is so simple that even the kids can help! Make sure you first purchase or repurpose a foaming hand soap dispenser. You can purchase one online or you can simply reuse any of the bottles that are used for foaming hand soap bought at your local stores.

Castile Bar Soap Powder Laundry Detergent

Homemade Laundry Detergent 7

If you’ve ever wanted to know a more natural way to clean your clothes and still get that clean feeling from your laundry routine, then here’s your chance. We’ve found a great recipe using Bar Castile Soap products and a few simple ingredients to get the job done!

Get Your Dr. Natural On!


Have you ever actually looked at all the harsh chemicals in the shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, body wash, lotions and so many other things that we expose our delicate skin to each day? Well if you have you’ll see that there are many that can be harsh and cause irritation.

Summer Ready 2 Ingredient Activated Charcoal Sugar Scrub!

charcoal salt scrub

This super simple two ingredient recipe only uses liquid soap and sugar. It makes an amazing scrub to use on your hands and feet. Removing dirt and grime from you hands and feet just in time for summer and the pool!

All New Dr. Natural Activated Charcoal Soaps!

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Dr. Natural is proud to announce that we’ve officially rolled out our new line of Activated Charcoal Soaps! All of Dr. Natural products are paraben and sulfate free, never contain any animal ingredients or any artificial coloring. Made with amazing ingredients like Saponified Coconut, Palm Kernel, Olive and Hempseed Oil you can feel great when using our Activated Charcoal Soaps!

Makeup Remover DIY Pump and Pads!

makeup remover

Anyone who is truly looking into the DIY scene will at some point want to know how to remove the harmful chemicals found in their beauty routine. Chemicals found in makeup remover and facial wipes can be harsh to the skin and cause dryness or irritation.

We’ve found a great recipe for a makeup remover both from a pump and in convenient facial wipes. Quick and simple it will leave you wondering why you hadn’t made the switch to all natural sooner.

Simple DIY Hand Soap Recipe!

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Whether you’re an experience DIYer or if you’re simply looking to save a little money or begin your journey on the natural path of living a great place to start is by making your own hand wash. Probably one of the easiest recipes to follow that you won’t even need to write it down!

Keep in mind that DIY hand wash isn’t going to be the normal consistency of the thick orange soaps we are accustomed to using. This will be much thinner and not lather as much, however, it will clean just as well if not better than most of the soaps you’ve probably been using.

What Benefits Come From Using Castile Soap?

olive oil castile soaps


What Benefits Come From Using Castile Soap?

Castile Soap is Biodegradable! Castile soap is a eco-friendly simply soap that is not a product of the complex mass manufacturing process with leaves detergents and other toxic ingredients behind most of the time.

No Harmful Chemicals Here! Castile soap contains high quality ingredients that are safe for most external uses and even mild enough for your baby.

All-Natural Castile Soap for Your Pests

Cleaner Pic

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to All-Natural Castile soap products. We’ve covered some beauty products from sugar scrubs to face washes. Now lets showcase how All-Natural Castile soap products are a great resource when battling household pests like ants.

Natural Living DIY Uses For Liquid Castile Soap

All soaps

Natural Living DIY Uses for Liquid Castile Soap

For anyone truly wanting to live natural one of the first places to start is by replacing many of the chemically engineered cleaners that are used in our households every day.

All-Natural Castile soaps have been valued for generations or their cleaning properties and multitude of uses. Made from coconut oil, olive oil, hempseed oil, organic shea butter and many other high-quality ingredients. Never containing any animal ingredients, artificial colors, paraben or harsh sulfates.

4 Weeks of Great Homemade Face Wash Recipes – Week 4

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4 Weeks of Great Homemade Face Wash Recipes – Week 4

Week 4 of our March DIY Face Wash Recipes has arrived! We’ve covered 6 amazing recipes so far. Week 1 was our Exfoliating Citrus Orange and Honey Almond. Week 2 we explored the power of our Just In Time Summer Citrus blend and Peppermint Sensation. Finally, Week 3 covered our Oh So Cool Tea Tree and Lemon and Lavender face wash recipes.

Start by using Dr Natural Unscented Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap as your base. When you combine the all-natural ingredients with the added benefit of essential oils you are on your way to an amazing morning routine. Not only do you get the benefit of having an all-natural healthy solution but it’s DIY and much less expensive then those high dollar department store brands.

and much less expensive then those high dollar department store brands.

4 Weeks of Great Homemade Face Wash Recipes – Week 3

hot water

4 Weeks of Great Homemade Face Wash Recipes – Week 3

Week 3 of our March DIY Face Wash Recipes has arrived! We’ve covered 4 amazing recipes so far. Week 1 was our Exfoliating Citrus Orange and Honey Almond. Week 2 we explored the power of our Just In Time Summer Citrus blend and Peppermint Sensation.

Start by using Dr Natural Unscented Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap as your base combine that with the added benefit of essential oils and you’re on your way to an amazing morning routine. Not only do you get the benefit of having an all-natural healthy solution but it’s DIY and much less expensive then those high dollar department store brands.

4 Weeks of Great Homemade Face Wash Recipes – Week 2

Face Wash Week 2

We’ve put together 8 amazing recipes to help with your morning routine check out Week 1 recipes to see our Exfoliating Citrus Orange and Honey Almond. Let us help you with your morning chaos with all-natural ingredients good for your skin and essential oils sure to perk up any morning routine.

Start by using Dr Natural Unscented Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap as your base is a great way to start almost any all-natural DIY face wash project. The mild nature and non-scented formula will allow you to add the right essential oils for you and to make sure to avoid any irritation to your skin.

4 Weeks of Great Homemade Face Wash Recipes – Week 1

Fash Wash

Being able to start your day off the right way is essential to everyone’s morning routine. Whether it’s a good breakfast, a cup of coffee, a jog around the neighborhood or simply having quiet time to read the paper and wake up, it’s an important part to how productive the rest of your day will be.

A great face wash is a key part to any shower routine and a great way to start out your day. Using Dr Natural Unscented Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap as your base is a great way to start almost any all-natural DIY face wash project. The mild nature and non-scented formula will allow you to add the right essential oils for you and to make sure to avoid any irritation to your skin.

We’ve put together 8 amazing recipes to help with your morning routine and we’re rolling them out all March long for you!

Amazing Sugar Scrubs Made from All Natural Castile Soap



It is ideal to know that Sugar scrubs are a simple beauty recipe with awesome benefits. And the beautiful thing about this is that,  it not only moisturizes and exfoliates the skin, It is now very easy to make at home, using all Natural Castile soaps and some easily accessible ingredients.  I  personally love this recipe because of it’s 2 in 1 attribute. Also, it serves as a cleanser and a scrub and It leaves the bottom of your shower free from oily residual stains.

5 Amazing Natural Ingredients your Skin Needs


Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid


Looking good goes in tandem with feeling good, it is an art, it is a business and in fact a way of life! We all want to look beautiful and perfect, it is a natural confidence booster and mood lifter, sometimes all we need to hear for our day to be made is the “wow you are glowing” comments and as a matter of fact, we are willing to do anything to keep up with the glow. I should say that many factors may affect our skin tones ranging from water to food to stress, buying cosmetics however to help them is where we need to be super careful.

Maintaining a clear and beautiful skin is trending, we are in the 21st century and at this stage, we all will agree that no one wants a dry, scaly, chuffed skin. Really, all we want is to look like kings and queens, as much as there are good products out there; there are even more bad ones. Some of the manufacturers of these products do not even know that they do contain harmful ingredients that can cause damages sometimes irreparable to our skins. The use of these ingredients increases on a daily basis reason being (maybe arguable) that activities in the cosmetic industry is highly unchecked.

Every passing day, nursing an even skin tone is becoming more and more important so to keep your glow dear friends and to maintain that lovely skin you probably drank gallons of water to get, you should be and stay informed. When you do know things that you are supposed to avoid, it makes it easier to streamline your choices when making purchases for your skin care products. To aid you in making good skincare choices, I will make a list of toxic beauty ingredients you should avoid.

The first on my list is Parabens; this can be found in a wide range of products, from your skincare products to makeup. It is commonly used as a preservative and has been found to cause cancer. Sadly, this beauty ingredient is widely used and people innocently purchase products containing this ingredient mostly because they are cheap and easily accessible. Are you shopping for your skin care product and you happen on this ingredient, my simple advice; run!

Phthalates: used in a wide array of beauty products, this ingredient is used in increasing the flexibility of plastics and sadly it can be used in lotions, perfumes, body spray, nail polishes and other kinds of products. The prolonged use of products containing this toxic ingredient has been found to cause cancer, kidney, lung and damages to the liver.

Mercury: every single thing is wrong with this beauty ingredient and sadly people do not know or fail to pay cognizance to its effect. In the bid to clear acne, clear spots, lighten the skin, people end up buying products that contain a high concentration of mercury.  It has been discovered that the prolonged use of this allergen impairs brain development. Guess what? This ingredient is used in some eye drops, mascara, some foundations, lip gloss and even some lip sticks! It is needless to tell you what to do when you do see this as an ingredient in a beauty product.

Talc: this is a popular and seemingly harmless beauty ingredient but in actual fact, research has exposed that the continuous use of this ingredient has been linked to respiratory problems and ovarian cancer. This ingredient is commonly found in brown powder, baby powder, blush and eye shadows.

Triclosan: this ingredient is commonly found in a large number of antibacterial products, it also has been found to be a core ingredient in some hand sanitizers, and deodorants. The continuous use of products that are based largely on this ingredient can cause a disruption in the endocrine and it could also cause cancer.

Lead: this is perhaps the most popularly known beauty ingredients. Very recently, research showed that a large number of lipsticks in circulation contained lead. Popular beauty products were tested and all were found to contain 100% lead. Well, since it is mostly found in lipsticks, the only way to avoid the dangerous adverse effects of the continuous use of these products is to avoid swallowing the lipstick (you have to stay away from food or even water then yeah, everything would be fine).

These list would be incomplete without the mention of mineral oil. This is a petroleum by-product mostly used in Vaseline, baby oil, moisturizers and in some styling gels. It is always very useful where you have a dry skin. As useful as the products made with this ingredient may be, it has been discovered that the continuous use of the products with mineral oil creates a film that could impair the skin’s ability to release toxins as at when it is supposed to.

Amidst tons of other toxic ingredients, Toluenes, Triclosan, oxybenzone are also some other popular harmful toxic stuff in your skin care products you need to avoid. Please check the ingredients before you make a purchase. Looking for harmless products? Why not go Dr. Natural?

Protect Your Skin Naturally


An average person is obsessed with the idea of looking good. While the term obsession readily springs distaste to the reading mind, it is actually not a bad thing to want to take care of your skin so that you can look gorgeous. In actual fact, it is becoming more essential with each passing day to have a sumptuous looking skin. How best then can you achieve this if not to protect your skin naturally? I am sure you are thinking what I am thinking.

Why should I take care of my skin?

Perhaps it is a fad that would pass? Or maybe it is another crazy trend that would fade? Trust me; this phase can never ever pass. Humans since time immemorial always feel the need to look good and will continue to feel so. It is worthy to note that the care of the body naturally starts from the skin. The reason for this is not farfetched; it is because the human skin is the largest organ in the body and on the first contact, this is probably where people begin to access you so why not make them green with envy at your skin’s delightful glow!

Core Functions of the Skin

Apart from the obvious fact that it covers the inner organs in the body, the skin as we know it is the body’s protective layer and as such, it must be taken care of properly to ensure its functionality. Coupled with its protective function in acting as a barrier to harmful chemicals and radiation, the skin also doubles as an organ of sensation that detects and relays information to the brain about changes in the environment.

It is also very important to note that it is the skin’s function to also regulate the body’s physiologic mechanism like your body temperature. Flowing from the above, it is quite needless to rehash the fact that the skin is a very important and an integral part of the body. You would agree with me that the part of the body saddled with these obviously important duties should actually be jealously and judiciously protected and maintained. Sometimes, we don’t even do as much as the skin does and we want to be jealously protected too! Give your skin some credit!

How do I Take Care of My Skin?

Taking care of the skin is definitely no longer a strange phenomenon if we really are living in this century. It doesn’t require you large sums of money and you definitely can have a fine skin while your bank account maintains its sanity! Here are five ways to protect your skin naturally without breaking the bank!

Minimize exposure to the sun:

Yeah, the sun is good, hogwash! As much as the sun emits Ultraviolet rays in certain wavelengths can of course be beneficial to the skin, this wavelength can also become dangerous to the skin when it’s in such capacity that the skin can’t take.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight at this high wavelength can lead to sunburns, red scaly spots on the skin, brown spots, dry/wrinkled skin or in extreme case skin cancer. We don’t want this for your skin, you need to minimize your exposure to the sun and how do you do this? Wearing sun screen, staying indoors during hot sun and wearing light protective clothes are all good strategies to minimize your skin’s exposure to sun.

Drink lots of water:

Please hydrate! Be sensitized about how fantastic water is to the body. Just like the saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, sufficient water a day keeps your body system functioning always!

Of course, water is a basic necessity in life and as such it is beneficial to our body, not only to the skin now but even your internal organs. Its usefulness cuts across every area of human endeavor. Aside the fact that we must drink water to live, water has loads of other functions I cannot begin to list but the most apparent benefit is its ability to help keep the skin hydrated and thus causing it to glow naturally.

Eat healthy:

We often are torn between good foods and bad foods. Making the choice is really tough sometimes because these bad foods are sweeter (sadly yeah) but who says good foods can’t be sweet too? Eating good foods gives the body balanced nutrients it requires for daily growth.

When you eat good foods every day, it facilitates the effective performance and maintenance of the body organs. Healthy meals such as fruits, vegetables, grains and lean proteins boost the skin’s resistance to the sun because they contain carotenoids, Omega-3’s and antioxidants which help reduce skin irritations, boost your skin’s immunity to sunlight and help stop cancer development.

Manage stress effectively:

The sad thing about stress is that some people don’t even know that they are stressed. You need to identify your stressors and work towards managing it effectively. Truthfully, stress is almost unavoidable as a result of the fast modern world we live in thus it is important that it is effectively managed. Exercise and Quality sleep routine is two vital ways by which stress can be controlled. The effective management of stress is very essential to your skin!

Stop deadly habits

Most times we do know what is wrong but we need others to “call a spade a spade” for us. To maintain a clear healthy skin, it is very essential to give up deadly habits such as smoking. It is not news that habits such as smoking are injurious to the skin. The skin being the most outer body part suffers enormous damage even from the smoke! There are a host of other habits people engage in but smoking is like the most popular. Sadly, smoking in addition to the above further affects the skin’s tenderness and elasticity by depleting skin collagen fibers; it decreases blood flow and also depletes oxygen and other important nutrients.

Shea Butter – An Essential Ingredient for Healthy Skin


There is absolutely no need to rehash how important it is to have a healthy skin. I must confess that recently, it has almost become super necessary to have fresh, supple and healthy skin. In the face of all the beautiful natural skin care products being discovered coupled with the fact that they are inexpensive and easy to access, not getting and enjoying the use of these entirely essential commodities almost make it a punishable offence should you not have a healthy skin.

Amongst all of the numerous natural products being discovered to be useful to the care of the skin, there is the all important Shea butter. Though people may think it is the rave of the moment, it is quite informative to note that for a very long time, Shea butter has been in existence. Though its use in past times cannot be said to be as popular as it is now, what is commendable is the fact that people have become sensitized about natural skin care products and are now going all out for it.

Soft to the touch, Shea butter is a mildly solid off white oil extracted from the African Shea tree. Over time before its global recognition, Africans have been enjoying the use of this sweet blessing of nature. Majorly, it was as is still being used for cosmetic purposes (skin softening and smoothening), hair growth, cooking and perhaps the most important feature of all disease and wound healing (this is due to the high concentration of Oleic acid contained in the oil).

Benefits of Shea Butter

Certainly, the benefits of Shea butter are numerous. As seen above, it has quite a number of functions owing to the numerous vital nutrients contained in it. Shea butter contains essential nutrients such as vitamins A, E and F, plant sterols like oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid; and importantly, it helps the skin produce collagen. It protects the skin from UV (SPF-6).

Speaking of healthy skins, there are countless benefits associated with using Shea butter. Ever wondered how that glowing neighbour of yours got his/her beautiful skin? You may just find out it is from the use of this natural skincare product! Shea butter improves the texture of the skin generally, it helps to allay acne, dermatitis, eczema, reduces eye bags, removes blemishes, wrinkles, heals minor injuries, you name it!

Here are some other amazing benefits of Shea butter we must not fail to mention:

Moisturizer: It would be quite offensive to the amazing natural Shea butter if we fail to mention another beautiful wonder it works on the skin; moisturizing. Shea butter is an excellent skin moisturizer; it helps reduce to gargantuan extents skin dryness. This is because of its gentleness on the skin; it has the ability to penetrate easily on any skin type without clogging the pores. The essential acids we highlighted above also helps to protect and retain the natural skin oil.

In a matter of days, people who have tried this valuable skincare product usually see visible improvements. Do you have a dry skin? Or you constantly battle with chapped, dry or scaly lips? Have you got cracked heels that prevent you from wearing your favourite shoes or slippers? Do you want a skin friendly product good for any kind of season be it winter or summer? Without further ado, Shea butter is definitely your best bet.

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-oxidant and Antimicrobial: Owing to the Cinnamic acid content found in Shea butter (lupeol cinnamte), it helps reduce skin inflammation. It contains antimicrobial properties which can cure many skin diseases. The plant anti-oxidants, vitamins A and E, and catechins contained in Shea butter also protect the skin from damage. With all these significant nutrients, Shea butter will cure insect bites, frostbites, acnes, and many more.

Stretch marks and cellulite: Over the past years, people have become increasingly aware of their bodies. For mothers who wish to go back to their delectable bodies post childbirth and have battled with stretch marks for some time, the use of Shea butter maintains skin elasticity by nourishing the dermal layer of the skin, which also enhances collagen production. This certainly would help them get their soft and stretch mark free skin in no time.

Without bombarding you with too much graciousness from this product, here are some frequently asked questions about Shea butter which we would do our best to answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just use any Shea butter I lay my hands on?

Oh no! No boo, don’t. As much as you want to look good and maintain a pure and healthy skin, there are different kinds of Shea butter being sold. Only purely pressed organic Shea butter retain all its nutrients. So when you see pure/organic/unrefined/unbleached – Grade A, that’s for you. The other kinds are processed and have lost some nutrients which is totally opposed to what we seek to achieve for your beautiful skin.

Who can use Shea butter?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from this amazing goodness, even babies! Especially babies in fact. A baby’s skin is so delicate and soft and may react to any kinds of cream but using the organic unrefined Shea butter really works wonders to a baby’s skin. It is awesome for the purpose of clearing diaper rash. Are you thinking your man’s beards are not full enough? Gift him Shea butter!

Have a nice time enjoying your new fresh skin.

Cosmetics Are Going Natural…..Don’t Be Left Behind


Cosmetics Are Going Natural, Don’t Be Left Behind

Everywhere you look at nowadays, it seems like everyone is throwing it back to the 90’s in terms of opting for natural body care product, natural hairstyles, natural foods, vintage clothes etc. Everybody is going natural! Every day, it continually seems like the world is gradually shifting from the use of synthetic products and edging towards the use of more natural stuffs and you are probably wondering why that should be?

Perhaps you are thinking it is a phase that would pass or soon enough, people will set their sights on other things. Or you are even wondering what is this new natural craze and why is everyone swinging with the tides? Are you looking to join the movement or you are wondering why should you spend more money on a product tagged “natural” when I can get a synthetic product that does the same work for less (well everyone is ditching it, it would now be lesser anyways)?

There are a thousand and one reasons why you probably should swing along in this new trend. Do you want to find out? The reasons are just below!

Reasons why you should go natural

We could successfully highlight pages upon pages of reasons why people are going natural. Without even thinking too hard, the reasons are not even farfetched. There are a myriad of reasons anybody could decide to go natural truthfully but perhaps the biggest and most important (maybe arguably) reason has to be safety which would be our starting point in discussing the benefits associated with going natural.


There is this second to none ‘feeling of safety’ that is ‘naturally’ associated with natural products. The natural skin care products for instance when applied correctly will usually be one of the safest things you can apply on your skin. Our skin being the largest organ in our body and also having the ability to absorb everything put into it accordingly needs caution to be applied when putting anything into it.

Apart from the fact that it has everything to do with nature, it is important to note that they are extremely accessible and mostly not as expensive as some unsafe synthetic products that can be easily found out there. Truthfully, some people do not bother with expert opinions when it comes to the issue of body care, they would rather just pick something because it worked for their friend and feel like it should certainly work for them too. Sometimes we just add things to our shopping cart and out skin starts to recoil in fear of what we are about to do to them.

There are so many examples of harmful synthetic materials that can be found in our day to day products (cosmetics and skincare) are parabens, phthalates, triclosan, oxybenzone, benzone, fragrance. These materials have been linked to birth defects, hormonal imbalance, endocrine disruption and even cancer. This is terribly scary, the idea that I can buy something and cause so much harm to myself.

This is the irreplaceable safety that comes with using natural products. Nature has got your back any day, any time and under any weather. Without the fear for any terrible illness wrecking harm on your body, you can enjoy the delicate medication of nature’s goodness on your body.

Environment Friendly

I am sure synthetic products are swooning in jealousy at the discovery of natural products. Natural cosmetics are environment friendly! From byproducts right down to packaging any natural company worth its salt would only use biodegradable materials. Which means you can care for your skin and not further pollute our environment; it is a win-win situation!

Cruelty Free

Yeah, you read right! Natural cosmetics are also cruelty free, they do not perform irritability tests on eyes and skin of animals which put animals in pain without painkillers, or knowingly inject the unsuspecting animals with lethal doses (Yes sadly that’s what it means). The manufacturers of natural products have devised other testing means that do not involve animal pain.


This is perhaps the most interesting feature of natural products. As they are environment friendly, they can be found on any surface of Mother Nature’s green earth, coconuts (for coconut oil), Shea tree (for Shea butter), tree barks (needed as an ingredient for black soap) you name it! Coupled with this benefit is the fact that they are inexpensive. In the long run when you compare and contrast synthetic and natural products, you are going to be left without a doubt that with this one trend, the world it doing just fine.

It is safe to say that with the use of natural products you can be assured that the product going into your skin is safe to use as they’ve been used and tested by humans for hundreds of years and will continue to be used for even a longer time.

The world is going natural, don’t be left behind.


Benefits of Black Soap

Benefits of Black Soap


While you might be thinking yuck! Black soap, as in a soap that is literally black on your skin and you are wondering if it would not even add more dirt to your body (without offence to anyone or any skin tone), we bring you the good news of this amazing natural skincare product. For a very long time, black soap has been used to get rid of skin problems and of course like its other natural skincare companions like Shea butter and Coconut oil, it is only gaining more popularity in recent times (one which it quite deserves I must say).

There are numerous benefits associated with the use of this amazing skincare product. While we may not be able to highlight it all, here are some few ones that are impossible to miss.

Evens out the skin tone:

This is perhaps the starting point of the goodness this product has to offer. The continuous use of black soap helps to even out an uneven skin tone. Do you have dark inner thighs? Or perhaps you have been struggling with black armpits for some time? Do you have some stubborn spots on your body that have vehemently refused to go after trying series of expensive products? Not to worry, using the black soap will gradually make every uneven part of your skin (in terms of its colour) get its natural groove back in no time!

Eliminates Blemishes

Not only does black soap start its awesome mediation from evening out the skin tone and clearing the dark spots in the process, it also helps in removing any blemishes on the skin. Are you a guy and razor bumps keeps killing your shine anytime you shave? Are you a beautiful lady but eczema chose the most visible part of your skin to display itself? Not to worry, black sop is for everyone and anyone!

The benefits of black soap is truly countless and includes the following: it helps in effectively thinning fine lines, does the double duty of nourishing your hair while acting as a shampoo, for makeup lovers, black soap helps medicate your face while taking on the duty of acting as a makeup remover, helps to treat effectively acne breakouts, acne scars, reduce discomfort for psoriasis, among lots more other uses.


Brethren, really, there is no need to break the bank to exfoliate your skin. Black soap can also be used to lightly exfoliate the skin and give you healthier looking, glowing skin. This natural skincare product works just fine for your body and does the same wonders to your hair. For those with excessively dry skin, watch black soap perform magic on your skin and no, the ones with oily skins are not left out. It does wonders on sensitive skins, body odours, skin rashes and scalp irritations. As you would get to see when we talk about how black soap is made, the plantain extract gives the soap Vitamins A & E, and iron and of course it also offers UV protection due to its high Shea butter content.


You might wonder how this is a benefit but really it is. The uniqueness of black soap is actually unrivalled and this is largely due to the fact that it contains no colour enhancers, has no artificial preservatives, or even fragrances. It is 100% natural, all a work of nature! And yes, it also creates a soft lather without the animal fat additives that are commonly used in soaps made in the US.

Just before we move to another topic, we would quickly add that another benefit of black soap is it eliminates fungal skin infection. It contains anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that fight off fungus, bacteria and other microbes that fight off skin infections. It’s high amount of glycerine, which absorbs moisture from the air and deposits it into the skin, makes the skin more supple and soft. Are you having a baby and you want to prevent stretch marks and dry skins that mostly accompanies pregnancies? You might want to consider the use of this amazing product

How is Black soap made?

By now, the world has come to know that we are blessed by nature. Virtually everything around us has its special use and all we have to do is find out then enjoy the quite interesting benefits. This brings us to the question of how black soap is made and no, it is not made from charcoal!

Black soap is made from the barks of locally harvested plants and barks such as cocoa pods, plantain, Shea tree bark and palm tree leaves. You will agree with me that this a very long time ago might have not made much sense but now, makes a whole new degree of sense to out skins.

So after these ingredients are gotten, there are steps to be followed in making black soap. Firstly, the barks and leaves are sun-dried and next, they would be roasted in a pot or kettle at an even constant temperature, doing this is important to ensure a fine texture, exotic smell and of course enhance colour. Lastly, water and various oils; coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil which includes cocoa pod powder and Shea butter, are then added to the mixture and stirred for at least a day. The soap is then left to set for two weeks to cure and there you have your all natural black soap ready for use. I can tell that you are nodding your heads in agreement that this natural skin care product is truly amazing.

Shea Butter an essential ingredient for Amazing Skin

Before I launch into how amazing a discovery Shea Butter is, I should start by highlighting why it is important to have an amazing skin. As a matter of fact, before we utter a word, people see our outlook first, a fresh skin enhances our appearance and I mean that’s a plus. It is only right to create an amazing first impression for everyone that is blessed to see us. For the fact that our skin covers the most part of our bodies, we do need to pay to it the special care and attention it deserves; this however does not translate to neglecting other parts.

Being comfortable in your own skin is almost equivalent to being comfortable to be seen, if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it? It is becoming quite necessary these days to possess an amazing skin, I mean what excuse could you possibly have not to? Whatever the excuses might be, it definitely cannot be chalked up to the lack of healthy and beneficial products to use. This brings me to why shea butter is an essential ingredient for an amazing skin.

The most exciting feature of shea butter I have seen so far is its ability to help heal up minor injuries by its high concentration of oleic acid. It can be used as a balm of some healing sorts. Gotten from the African shea tree, its benefits are countless. Shea butter serves as a moisturizer and helps heal damaged skin and provides anti-aging and numerous protection benefits for the skin. It helps as a fantastic remedy for dry and chapped lips and works wonders in helping with the growth of natural hair, providing you with the healthy scalp all the way.

Do you have a dry skin? An itchy skin? Try out this soothing relief and realize why it is an essential ingredient.