Cosmetics Are Going Natural…..Don’t Be Left Behind


Cosmetics Are Going Natural, Don’t Be Left Behind

Everywhere you look at nowadays, it seems like everyone is throwing it back to the 90’s in terms of opting for natural body care product, natural hairstyles, natural foods, vintage clothes etc. Everybody is going natural! Every day, it continually seems like the world is gradually shifting from the use of synthetic products and edging towards the use of more natural stuffs and you are probably wondering why that should be?

Perhaps you are thinking it is a phase that would pass or soon enough, people will set their sights on other things. Or you are even wondering what is this new natural craze and why is everyone swinging with the tides? Are you looking to join the movement or you are wondering why should you spend more money on a product tagged “natural” when I can get a synthetic product that does the same work for less (well everyone is ditching it, it would now be lesser anyways)?

There are a thousand and one reasons why you probably should swing along in this new trend. Do you want to find out? The reasons are just below!

Reasons why you should go natural

We could successfully highlight pages upon pages of reasons why people are going natural. Without even thinking too hard, the reasons are not even farfetched. There are a myriad of reasons anybody could decide to go natural truthfully but perhaps the biggest and most important (maybe arguably) reason has to be safety which would be our starting point in discussing the benefits associated with going natural.


There is this second to none ‘feeling of safety’ that is ‘naturally’ associated with natural products. The natural skin care products for instance when applied correctly will usually be one of the safest things you can apply on your skin. Our skin being the largest organ in our body and also having the ability to absorb everything put into it accordingly needs caution to be applied when putting anything into it.

Apart from the fact that it has everything to do with nature, it is important to note that they are extremely accessible and mostly not as expensive as some unsafe synthetic products that can be easily found out there. Truthfully, some people do not bother with expert opinions when it comes to the issue of body care, they would rather just pick something because it worked for their friend and feel like it should certainly work for them too. Sometimes we just add things to our shopping cart and out skin starts to recoil in fear of what we are about to do to them.

There are so many examples of harmful synthetic materials that can be found in our day to day products (cosmetics and skincare) are parabens, phthalates, triclosan, oxybenzone, benzone, fragrance. These materials have been linked to birth defects, hormonal imbalance, endocrine disruption and even cancer. This is terribly scary, the idea that I can buy something and cause so much harm to myself.

This is the irreplaceable safety that comes with using natural products. Nature has got your back any day, any time and under any weather. Without the fear for any terrible illness wrecking harm on your body, you can enjoy the delicate medication of nature’s goodness on your body.

Environment Friendly

I am sure synthetic products are swooning in jealousy at the discovery of natural products. Natural cosmetics are environment friendly! From byproducts right down to packaging any natural company worth its salt would only use biodegradable materials. Which means you can care for your skin and not further pollute our environment; it is a win-win situation!

Cruelty Free

Yeah, you read right! Natural cosmetics are also cruelty free, they do not perform irritability tests on eyes and skin of animals which put animals in pain without painkillers, or knowingly inject the unsuspecting animals with lethal doses (Yes sadly that’s what it means). The manufacturers of natural products have devised other testing means that do not involve animal pain.


This is perhaps the most interesting feature of natural products. As they are environment friendly, they can be found on any surface of Mother Nature’s green earth, coconuts (for coconut oil), Shea tree (for Shea butter), tree barks (needed as an ingredient for black soap) you name it! Coupled with this benefit is the fact that they are inexpensive. In the long run when you compare and contrast synthetic and natural products, you are going to be left without a doubt that with this one trend, the world it doing just fine. 

It is safe to say that with the use of natural products you can be assured that the product going into your skin is safe to use as they’ve been used and tested by humans for hundreds of years and will continue to be used for even a longer time.

The world is going natural, don’t be left behind.

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