5 Amazing Natural Ingredients your Skin Needs


The importance of having a good skin can never be over flogged. Truth be told, your appearance is everything as has been succinctly captioned in the adage “first impressions go a long way”. Every individual should be conscious of their looks and as such should have a beauty trick up their sleeves. Fortunately, nowadays, you don’t have to break a bank to look good or possess a beautiful skin, with a handful of natural products; you will be good to go.

It would be quite unfair to look around and fail to see how much nature has bestowed on us. Sincerely, Mother Nature has been far too kind with us, surrounding us with natural beauty hacks and patiently waiting for us to tap into the wealth of the vast products around us. Your skin needs the utmost pampering you can give it which is why there are some amazing natural ingredients you need to know about that your skin will forever thank you for using.

Naturally, some of us have really amazing skin tones that make people green with envy and all we need do it maintain those really lovely skin tones. This is why natural products are the best beauty discoveries ever made. They work with all and any skin type or tone to preserve or correct any anomalies.

Armed with the knowledge of the fact that Mother Nature has divinely blessed us, it becomes sacrosanct to use everything at our disposal. You will agree with me that there is this inner part of us that is obsessed with having good skins and we would do absolutely anything to get it. We make these efforts, not only to make ourselves feel good but to let others see a reflection of our happiness on the inside. Well, let us help with five amazing ingredients your skin shouldn’t do without

1. Water: Yes H2O! People do not even seem to realize that water is very essential to the body. We often go long hours and wait till we are dehydrated before we take water which is not right. Our body loses water through countless activities like breathing digestion and even sweating. Every functioning organ of our body uses water and even more importantly, water helps in regulating the body temperature and also to keep up with other important functions. To maintain a healthy skin, you need to be hydrated and I should say that water is almost free everywhere in the world, for amazing results without hassles, keep your body hydrated. It works like magic!

2. Coconut Oil: You might be wondering why this made the list, well; it is a beauty tip that has worked for loads of people irrespective of the colour or the skin tone. This is a healthy substitute for mineral oil based products that cause harm to the skin. It is effective as a moisturizer and it helps stop skin wrinkles. Extracted from coconuts, its availability and cost effectiveness readily makes is one of the best natural skincare products you could ever use. This alone should be enough reason for anybody to be a fan.

3. Shea butter: The all purpose healing balm, easy to get and easy to use. Really, I will reiterate the fact that in this generation, you do not have to break the bank to look fabulous. This is perhaps one of the most amazing discoveries of natural skin care ingredients ever made. It literally serves all purposes; from healing minor injuries to strengthening and moisturizing the hair, it equally serves the purpose of soothing the body and getting rid of all dryness. With the use of Shea butter, you never have to worry about dry or chuffed skin; it would take care of every blemish layer after layer!

4. Sleep: Though not strictly an ingredient you can see and touch then confine in a container for everyday use, the wondrous effect of sleep is essentially underrated. Relaxed minds is one devoid of worry and trust me, a stress free body is an amazing body. To improve your skin and to rid yourself of those saggy eye bags that have refused to leave your face, maybe it is time to get adequate rest and watch your skin glow. Fortunately, the concept of rest or sleeping is not limited to any body type of skin tone, everyone needs sleep!

5. Black soap: I had a hard time picking the final ingredient for my list; this is because there are tons and tons of amazing natural ingredients your skin deserves. Black soap is essential to any type of skin. The black soap is made out of other fantastic gifts of nature like lemon, honey, palm oil etc. The combination of these ingredients in itself is awesome. By using black soap for your skin, it would help bring out the fresh, supple and tender side to your skin, one you never imagined you had.

I must say that natural skincare products are not limited to the five mentioned above. There are countless others like Apple cider vinegar, honey, lemons, green tea, almond oil, pomegranate, avocado etc. For the best skin care results, why not try Dr. Natural skincare products? We make use of nature’s best to bring your skin what it truly deserves.  

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