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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dr Natural?
Very simple, it is healthier for your skin. Its Natural ingredients make it a multi-purpose soap that is delicate enough to be used on all skin types. The essential oils and organic Shea Butter that our soap is made from leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.

What is your niche?
Our niche is our quality and competitive price. We have been able to produce an All-Natural soap that is proudly made in the USA, at a cost that gives the customer another retail option (40% to 50% less) to this expensive retail category.

Is your product Dr Natural Organic?
Our Soaps are made of all natural ingredients and the shea butter used in our soaps is Organic Certified.

What makes Dr Natural product unique?
Dr Natural Castile liquid soap uses high quality natural essential oils like coconut oil, hemp seed oil along with organic shea butter, instead of harsh detergents, making it gentle enough for everyday use as a body wash, shampoo, soothing bath, facial cleanser and hand soap.

How do I know if I am allergic to any of your soaps?
All our soaps are made with all natural ingredients. Please read the back of our labels for all ingredients listed before use.

Are your products available for purchase on your website?
Our website provides a convenient direct link to the Amazon site where you can purchase our full line of products.

I am a small business owner.  How can I buy your products?
Yes, we do encourage small business owners to buy our products. Kindly email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..